We were approached by a couple with an extremely complete specification of what they saw as the definitive yacht for long term cruising. The primary requirements were safety, security and seaworthiness combined with comfort, ease of handling, speed and the potential for occasional offshore racing. All of this within a specific budget. Implicit in the brief was that it should also be a handsome yacht.

A good deal of effort was put into the pre-planning and proposal stages of the project where many alternative design solutions were presented and analysed. Although time consuming, 1/10 scale models of the deck and interior greatly helped in arriving at the satisfactory final arrangement.

Of the many innovative and functional design solutions incorporated in this yacht, two elements define the overall layout - the lifting keel and the solid dodger. The lifting keel allows shoal draft capability combined with a high aspect ratio foil and high righting moment bulb combination for good windward performance. The solid dodger provides dry and secure cockpit seating with the mainsheet mounted out of the crew’s way.

The central part of the interior is the navigation area. Seated here the owner has all information and controls at his fingertips via the waterproof PC, radar and other instruments mounted on the aft face of the keel case. These instruments are also easily viewed from the cockpit. Outboard of this area are two contoured recliners for the off watch crew.

A quote from an e-mail message from the owners on board “Degrees of Freedom” ..... “We’ve logged 4700 nm since Fremantle ...... Over 95% of that has been beating into the wind.”   “What a voyage we’ve had. Hard to imagine any other 38’ boat that would have made it easier or more enjoyable.