Also known as the Buzz 8 in Thailand and the Miri Magic in Malaysia.

This One Design is a true multi-function concept. It is an exciting inshore trailerable sports boat, an IRC-friendly offshore racer as well as a roomy and stable twilighting and family picnic boat.

It evolved from a previous award winning design, optimised towards upwind performance with narrower waterlines and more rocker. The righting moment is improved with a much larger keel bulb. Under spinnaker this design effortlessly planes at 15 knots plus. 

The deck layout is very simple and clean, highlighted by the large self draining cockpit. One pair of winches serves all sheet, guy and halyard functions. The short overlap jib is sheeted (2:1) on pinstop tracks on the cabin top. The rig is a simple swept, two spreader alloy section stepped in a tabernacle for easy raising and lowering.

Access to the interior is extremely easy via the huge companionway and convenient steps provided by the keel box and supporting thwart. The interior is pleasantly open and airy. There is a double V-berth forward with provision for toilet and two over-length quarter berths aft. The galley module to port and chart area to starboard have lockers above and below. The volume enclosed by the bulkheads forward and aft provide enough reserve buoyancy for unsinkability.

The universal impression of those having sailed the R8 is of a well mannered, sweet package with real sports boat performance, but which is delightfully easy to sail at ten tenths.